Monday, January 10, 2011

My bad Weekend + Bizzy Body workshop

It's Monday again... How's your weekend? Everything great? but not me... TT

I had spend the whole Saturday window shopping at MidValley just end up with two short pants and a sunblock. The shopping centre was too crowded and really made me dizzy. I think I am getting older >< I can shopping for whole day with my lovely high heels last time, but what's happening now. I started to hate the crowd, and definitely hate the 'long long queue'. It's really wasting my time. Actually, I plan to buy all the new apparel for CNY on that day but just couldn't get any shirt, so how? Shopping again? No!!! My weekend story is not finish yet, the funny part happened on Sunday.

I had joined the Bizzy Body workshop at The Mines outlet on Sunday. For me, the workshop really help since their experience nutritionist had done the good job in giving an awesome talk. However, all my good impression to their company had totally changed after the consultation session. I forget what's the name of the person who consult me, but for me she is really not professional enough. Maybe I looked easy to be influenced or in other word 'cheated'. lol. Actually I know my BMI is definitely in the healthy/normal range, but I just not sure about my body fat percentage because I never checked it with any machine. So, when the consultant told me that I am in the unhealthy range, I just feel so shock. =.= Why so weird? My weight still remain the same, is it something to do with my body fat percentage? I got the result of BMI 18.8, then body fat percentage 23% which I think is normal. See what the consultant explained.

The consultant told me that in my age, my body fat percentage should maintain around 18% and not more that that. She said I had excessive fat in my body now and will have health problem. What she said really made me nervous, but I am not the one who easy to convince unless she can prove me. She also mention I have to reduce at least 2 more kg to get the normal body fat percentage. As I know, reducing weight not necessary will reduce the body fat percentage. Am I right? You can imagine what she had told me after that? Yes, the slimming plan. She suggest me to take 10 session of their slimming plan and now they are having a promotion now. This is the worst part that made me to message my bf to survive me from the slimming centre. lol

Let me show the body mass percentage chart based on the World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health recommendation.

See!!! I am under the healthy range for my age. Maybe the consultant standard is just different but she didn't show me any chart like that, so how I believe on what she said. She just keep promote me to take their slimming package and that really made me uncomfortable with it. I just leave there without taking their complement goodies bag that stated in their workshop advertisement since the consultant just keep ask me to decide on it and never said about the goodies bag. So, I just think the goodies is for someone who sign their package. Not getting the goodies bag is ok for me, but the consultant behaviour and her own knowledge should be improved. This is what my experience, maybe I am just the unlucky one to have such consultant? Never mind, just forget it and begin a new week.


  1. I think mine is not as bad as yours~
    Try mine....=)

  2. haha, I think is the consultant problem. upset.