Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Wao.. It's time to say ByeBye to 2010 and say Hi to 2011...

Any wish for this year? Erm, my wish is just very simple... Just wish my family and I stay happy and healthy everyday. How about you? It's time to think about it... ^^

1st January is an important day for me not only because it is the new year but also is my mum birthday... hehe...
So bad, I cant accompany my mum for her birthday this year, just can great her through hp... TT
Btw, I hope all my mum's wishes will come true...

Happy New Year all !!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No title >< lol

The holiday is almost finish, like never rest for this holiday... I want a longer holiday... ><
Then I had long time don't update my blog, really lazy to write anything actually... lol
After I started to begin my 'blogspot' life, I think I had participate in lotz of contest, just for fun... haha...
It's time to share out what had I get from that, since I had nothing to write on as well... ><

Leach me from b.liv 
Win this from their facebook contest last time. 
It cost US$ 28 for 6 pcs mask.

I still not try for that since I left it at serdang.
 now still at hometown. lol

Now you can get b.liv product with 20% discount at any SaSa outlet(except Off with Those heads and Promo packs) until 2nd January 2011. I am now thinking of wana buy their Off with Those Heads or not, like having many good review from the blogger, but the price just make me to think twice... Let me think 1st, think

Egyptian Magic- the all purpose skin cream from serendity.
I feel so lucky to win their third prize which is more suitable for

The fashion press and beauty bloggers from around the world agree that Egyptian Magic is a "must-have" skin cream for leaving your skin incredibly soft, smooth and blemish-free. (credited to serendity)

The Egyptian Magic id made of olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis extract. 
I had use it as my lip balm and it really work well to my extremely dry, chapped lip. lol.

It's time to have my lunch, a pinch of rice (say No to carbo) + lotz of

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chocolate cupcake with cream cheese

The sem break will finish soon, what a sad new... =.=
For me, this is the last sem break, will be graduate soon... I can't really express my feeling clearly, like a bit nervous to step out from university and start my new journey in a new environment. Never mind, just don't want to think about it first, I should enjoy my study life in university for the next four month.

Frankly, I do not really rest for the whole sem break. I just work some part time, and start the lab for my final year project. Today, I had make myself to stay at home (still at serdang house, I miss my hometown, TT) the whole day, make myself in rest mode. Still have some time for baking session. Long time don't touch the oven. lol. 

The cream cheese is really nice, really beh tahan... lol

The cakes look attractive isn't it, but I just dare to eat one, too fat for
Keep the rest in the refrigerator for tomorrow...haha

I should add more cream cheese next time... 

Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese (recipe from xing kitchen)

Cream Cheese Filling :
Cream Cheese 80 g
Castor Sugar  2 tablespoon

Butter 80 g
Brown Sugar  70 g
Egg  2
Milk  60 ml
Superfine Flour  140 g
Cocoa powder  2 tablespoon
baking powder  2 teaspoon
  1. Cream cheese filling: Mix cream cheese and sugar until the sugar melt.
  2. Beat butter and brown sugar until pale and fluffy, add egg (one at a time), mixing well. (A)
  3. mixing well the superfine flour, cocoa powder and baking powder. (B)
  4. Add half of (B) into (A), fold in the milk and mix well, add in the rest of (B) and mixing well. 
  5. Pour a tablespoon of the cake mixture into the cup, then fill in the cream cheese filling, and pour in the cake mixture to about 3.4 full.
  6. Bake in preheated 150 C oven for 25 minutes.
This recipe is really easy and the final product is really nice. Have a try at home yourself faster... ^^

Happy Baking !!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ELVA蕭亞軒 - 錯的人Mv

也常常在想, 爱情真的有保障吗? 我很确定答案是"不"。

明知道愛情並不牢靠 但是我還是拼命往裡跳
明知道再走可能是監牢 但是我還是相信只是煎熬
朋友都勸我不要不要 不要拿自己的幸福開玩笑
但是做人已經那麼累 假惺惺的想要逃
在愛裡連真心都不能給 這才真正的可笑
愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪
太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人
明知道這不是緣分 但是我還奮不顧身
明知道愛情並不牢靠 但是我還是拼命往裡跳
明知道再走可能是監牢 但是我還是相信只是煎熬
朋友都勸我不要不要 不要拿自己的幸福開玩笑
但是做人已經那麼累 假惺惺的想要逃
在愛裡連真心都不能給 這才真的真正的可笑
愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪
太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人
明知道這不是緣分 但是我還奮不顧身
可能 在愛裡面這樣算笨
可能 永遠沒有所謂永恆
但是我 不願放棄這裡面一點點可能 寧願笨也不想要悔恨
愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪 太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人 明知道這不是緣分 但我還是奮不顧身
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人 明知道這不是緣分 但我相信有點可能

Review: O'slee Rosehip Peeling Gel

Still remember my previous post about love package from O'slee?
I had tried the rosehip peeling gel and I had fall in love with it, I gonna grab one before their Christmas promotion end. ^^

Normal Price: RM 49.90 for size of 60ml 

Where to get: Watson, Guardian and O'slee official website

Product Description:
O'slee Rosehip Peeling Gel is an deep cleansing exfoliating gel with micro-seaweed that can decompose extra grease & dead skin cell. Combine with Grape-Glycerl Cleaning Factor, Rosehip extract with vitamin c, leaving the skin translucent white and with even skin tone. 

Suitable skin type: All skin type.

My experience:
For me, this is a safe, gentle yet effective exfoliating gel. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well since it is not harsh if compare to other scrub product with bead. No redness, rashes or over-scrubbing effect. My skin has felt smoother and brighter after using this. In my opinion, it is gentle enough to use daily. However, the package suggest to use 2-3 times a week. 

Subsequent amount of the rosehip peeling gel for my hand. lol

See? the cuticle sloughed off... 

After I tried the rosehip peeling gel for around 3-4 times, I just can say I had fall in love with it. lol. It's actually very difficult for me to find a suitable scrub that leave my skin without any allergic effect. Then, I love the rosehip smell of this product, it smell heavenly for me... haha...

Now, O'slee is having their promotion and the O'slee Shiny X'mas RoadShow at Mid Valley is from 10/12/2010-12/10/2010. Anyone is going? I heard their BB cream had out of stock for many times at penang last time. lol. I think I have to grab their promotion product before the stock finish, I wish I would have more time to shopping... =.=

 Good Night.... XOXO

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Banana Muffin

I had came back my lovely hometown yesterday and I received a bad new that make me regret to go home. The Streamyx server in my house was totally "DOWN". I really can't live without internet, I tried to call TMNet for so many times and they always give the same respond all the time. Actually, they had explained the problem to me politely but always end the conversation with the same sentence, "We will contact you when the server is recover", which is not the answer I desired... =.= Luckily, they manage to recover the server this afternoon, if not I think I will keep calling TMnet and keep pressurize them... Argghhhh...><

Everytime I go back hometown, I sure will make some cakes or biscuit for my family, I had made them the banana muffins this time which is a new try for me. Not bad, the banana muffins taste good, everyone satisfy of it. lol

Added some chocolate chip on it, not a good idea... lol
too sweet for me... ><

Banana Muffin (Recipe from Moon)

Banana            180g
Caster Sugar    180g(too sweet, ==)
Egg                    2
Milk                 60g
Vegetable oil  45g

Self Raising Flour 180g
Soda Bicarbonate  5g

**Sift (B)

Some Walnut flakes (I replace it with chocolate chips)

1) Mash the banana, add in (A) and mix well.
2) Fold in (B), combine well.
3) Pour cake mixture into the cups.
4) Bake at preheated 180 C oven for 20 minutes. Leave cold.

Happy Baking!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

short update + chocolate muffin

Wao, seem that I had been away for a long time...
I had start my part time straight away after my final, gonna fight for the money...Then, I also lazy to update my part time was just over, now the turn of final year project. =.=

Just a short update about my recent life. I had just started my final year project experiment today, really gonna thanks Elaine, the postgraduate who had guide me along the experiment today. She is really a patient and helpful senior who had taught me so much knowledge regarding my final year project. By the way, I really hope that I can finish off my lab by end of December so that I will have more time for other stuff next semester.

2 minutes Chocolate muffin

This is a simple recipe while it just take me around half an hour to complete the whole process. For me, this might be a nice dessert to serve with a hot drink, hot chocolate perhaps. haha. However, Mr LCY claim that it is not sweet enough, so if you are sweet tooth, just do add more sugar. lol

I like the cup so much, it is so cute... 
pink colour, my favourite!!! hehe

* I assume 1 cup = 200ml

- 1/2 cup self-raising flour
- 1/2 cup superfine sugar

- 2 level tablespoons cocoa powder
- pinch of salt
- 1/4 cup melted butter
- 1/2 cup fresh milk
- 1 egg
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence 

- Place all the ingredients into a mixing bowl according to the above order.
- Beat the mixture well for 2 minutes.
- Pour the mixture into the prepare cup/pan.
- Bake in preheated 160 C oven around 10-15 minutes.

Gonna update more tomorrow... Good night everybody... ^^