Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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Here Jess will have a giveaway to all her blog follower...

I am glad that she finally posting her birthday giveaway since she is so busy throughout the weekends... 

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mung bean soup: my favourite

No doubt, the weather nowadays is really HOT!!!
Mung bean soup: the best choice dessert throughout the Summer (365 days summer in M'sia lo =.=).
Last time when I was so free, I will always cook the mung bean& barley Tong Shui for the detoxification effect...
I usually cook that without putting any sugar, I think nobody will like it except meeeeee!!!! lol

However, I am so so so busy this few weeks...><
Who cares about the detoxification effect, I rather to have more time for my plant design project... =.='''

Finally, I feel so sick this few days...
My migraine attacked me again... No more pain killer, I want to avoid that if possible...haizzz
So it would be good to return to my old lifestyle; just like a 40 year-old lonely old lady lifestyle... =.=
Haiz... ><


Back to my mung bean soup today, :p
I cooked this specially for Mr LCY... as his supper i think...
Highly recommend to use palm sugar instead of the white sugar for this mung bean soup... Trust me... ^^
Someone claimed that palm sugar + coconut milk = heavenly, but coconut milk just not my cup of tea... lol
You can try to add the coconut milk if you like...@@

Dont you think the crystal clear sago is so beautiful...
I love sago all the time... lol

Time to say Good Night...
Will be away until this Thursday and I will be totally free... Hurray...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nokia C3 or Blackberry Torch???

Just to share something regarding the technology news nowadays...

The world's first smartphone with a Blackberry keyboard and full touch screen is arriving in Malaysia soon!

 If you want to be one of the first to own this beautiful smartphone in Malaysia, pre-register and book the smartphone now with Celcom.

Nokia just released another new smartphone!

Nokia C3 promises to give you an affordable way to connect with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, chat and e-mail functions.
 Now, you can have a smartphone to browse the Internet and connect with your friends!

***My Cooking Day***

It had been so long since my last update....  I am So BUSY man!!!!
Arghhh, now is almost the last week for this semester, all of us have to rush for our design project...
I already busy for several weeks...
and 'Give Up' my online games or any flash games for a week...The worst is I gonna sleep around 3-4am everyday, So Suffering... ><
and This is the first time I feel I am so hardworking... lol...

I want to give myself a break today, so I use all my free time to cook, bake and play games...lol...

After posting this,  gonna continue my 'SHIT' work again... =.=

Today dinner:
Just make it as simple as possible...lol...

Soup of the day: 
lotus root+peanut+ribs

My signature dishes...lol
stir fried cabbage, 
everyone know how to cook this, so easy... =.=

Tofu with mushroom and dried scrimp

Today Cake: Chiffon cake
**second failure** I can feel disappointment... ><

I had made some small chiffons with the extra cake mixture, 
Honestly, this is much more nicer than the previous chocolate cupcakes... Maybe this is due to the effects of milk and vegetable oil... I like this...^^

All with the Weird Weird look...
I really have no idea why they look like that...lol

It look like an old alien with all many fine lines...lol
Should I apply some anti-aging product for her... @@

Here It is, the fail Chiffon... TT

Actually it raised very well at the beginning, this is all my fault...TT
I think I should not simply reduce the oven temperature when I saw the chiffon was almost done... =.=
This is called pandai pandai sendiri... ><
Suddently the chiffon SUNK... @@

The texture of middle part of the chiffon just like not raising...haizzzzzzzzzz....
It still taste nice, but it really look bad...
My first chiffon : I give myself 40%, just the taste ok only... TT

Luckily I still have some alien cupcakes...

The night is still young... 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

**Mini Pizza** fake pizza...lol

It's Sunday again... That's mean Monday is coming soon... haizz...

Mr lcy requested for a pizza, so I gonna make it... =.=

Make him a fake 1 1st la...lol...

I really like the puff pastry, just make a little changes to the recipe, my 'pizza' is ready...

 Here we are...^^
Both of them also for Mr lcy.
 I on diet now, should avoid such high calorie food... TT

**Zoom In**

Just use the ready made 'Kawan' puff pastry and add on any topping that you prefer, bake for 18-25 mins at 200C...

For the topping, I had add some cheesy hot dogs, crab stick, mixed beans, onion&tomato(stir fried with butter before that), cheddar cheese, mayonnaise and chilli sauce...

Have Fun!!!

Sunday almost past d... Sad... 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chocolate cupcakes

This is not my first experience of making cupcakes...
But I really have a bad experience for my first attempt...
The result was really bad.
For me, the muffin I done last time really disgusting...lol... The muffin didn't raise and no taste at all...=.=
However, I very appreciate to my family who willing to finish it... Luckily, no food poisoning... TT

This chocolate cupcake recipe is from Carol.
Finally I did it for this time, but the texture of the cake has to be improved...lol
The cake's texture was dry, can't eat too much, will sore throat....=.='''
I wana go for a moist cake next time, I don't want sore throat...><

Sorry ya, we really looked ugly...haha

**Zoom in**

Chocolate cupcake

For around 8 cupcakes

2 egg whites
30g castor sugar
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

2 egg yolks
10g cocoa powder 
35g superfine flour

1) Preheated the oven at 160C.
2) Sift flour and cocoa powder and mix together.
3) Beat egg whites with lemon juice until foamy and then add in half of sugar and beat till the foam become smooth, then add in the remain half of sugar and beat until soft peak.
4) Fill egg yolks into the mixture and mix well.
5) Gradually add half of the flour+cocoa powder mix until smooth, then add the remaining and mix them evenly.
6) Fill the mixture into the cups.
7) Bake at pre-heated oven at 160c for 16-18mins. Leave cool.

The baking time can be reduce to prevent the cupcakes' texture turned too dry.

Happy Baking!!!^^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sushi King, I am coming...

RM2 Sushi King Card BONANZA 
11-14 Oct 2010
Today is the last day d, must go must go...^^
Waiting for Mr Gan now, I am so hungry...TT
Please come faster la...Die jor lo...

SaSa Malaysia: Guest Reviews Wanted For Collistar Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub

Attention: SaSa Malaysia has set aside 100 deluxe sized samples (150ml) of Collistar Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub for their Guest Reviews Campaign !!!

They are looking for 30 lucky bloggers and 70 lucky fans(from Facebook/Twitter) to review on Collistar Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub. What a good news...^^ 
I dont have their Twitter fan page link, seldom twitter...lol

Thermoactive Talasso-Scrub is the first ‘heat-effect’ talasso-scrub which the heat treatment will stimulate your skin’s microcirculation and creates an intense remodelling and lipolitic effect which has immediate yet visible effectiveness! 

Time of submission: 13th of October – 20th of October 2010
Results to be out: 29th October 2010 (before 6p.m)
Blogger’s blog post submission: 14th November 2010 (before 12a.m)

Click here for more details if you are interested!!! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vege Day

Today Special:  Vege Vege  ^^

I am totally a LAZY person. 
If nobody having dinner with me, I swear I wont open the gas stove to cook... **Cook with Gas stove so hot lo =.='''
The best dinner for me is SALAD...Today is my 'vege' day, no meat at all...hehe...
If you are the one who loves to have meat instead of vege, this dinner may looked disgusting to you...haha

Note: I dont eat salad with mayonnaise(super fat)...

Ta Da...Vege Dinner today...
**Oil free**
Coral+tomato+kiwi mixed with some salt and lemon juice
If you do not like the lemon juice as the salad base, you can replace it with yoghurt(of course my suggestion is original flavour).
**No Mayo Please** It's not healthy at all

A good VitaminC source
VitC can help to boost our immune system and also an antioxidant that protect our arteries from the damaging effect from free radical. That is why most people claim that VitC can whiten the skin. But for sure, we have to consume it for a long period to see the result.

**Kiwi**My favourite
Busting with Vitamin C as well
Good source Vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and etc.
Kiwi also rich in dietary fibre, it's good for our digestive system.

Eating Vege also has its unexpected advantages??? what's that???

A research showed that the greenhouse gases emitted by a person who consume meat will be much more higher that the one who consume only vegetable. The analysis shows that changes toward a more plant-based diet could help substantially in mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases.

Perhaps you wont believe the statement, but it really do...lol

So, Eating Green for our planet from now...^^

Monday, October 11, 2010

Test 2 finish??? but still busy with something else... ^^

Hooray.... Finally finish the project management test...

Perhaps can sleep early today...

All the assignments, projects, just hold on first.... I AM LAZYYYYYY....

Test finish d, what to do next?

First thing to do : open my favourite fb flash games(I really crazy on such idiot games)...haha

Ninja Warz
Last time when my bf played Ninja Warz, I will say boring la, stupid game la, blah blah blah...

But now I adi addicted to it... OMG...

Honestly, My clan was not strong at all...lol 

The conversation between my friends and I, it might seem familiar...Perhaps I had asked one of you bout that...><

PY: Hey Hey
friend: what's up
PY: Something urgent and serious now
friend: What
PY: Come join me and send me Negi
friend: =.=
PY: ooi...join la please...
friend: Ci Sin
PY: =.=

Last but not least, if you are interested in this game, please add me and send me Negi...lol

My Neighbor Totoro theme song

The theme song from My Neighbor Totoro...

I believe this animation was grown with most of us along our childhood...

I love 'Mei' so much, she was so cute. She remind me my happy moment during my childhood... TT 

Why suddenly I tend to share the Totoro theme song; It's all because of my funny housemate...

He cant control himself from shaking his body when he listen to the chorus part just now...wth(he is getting movement disorder disease or what?)...=.=

I just back from our group study actually (from living room only)...haha

We are hardworking? please la, we study last minutes actually...lol

TOTORO  TOTORO  TOTORO  TOTORO  Totoro, Totoro, Totoro, Totoro,
TOTORO  TOTORO  TOTORO  TOTORO......... Totoro, Totoro, Totoro, Totoro.........

Good Night all...^^

***Puff with Jam***

I think this is the most easy dessert i had ever made...

Just spend me less than 30mins and the delicious puff was done....hehe

I use the ready puff pastry to do it, super duper easy...

Mr CY loves this very much, so i just made this for him before he back to hkl yesterday night...^^

Oven temperature was around 200degreeC, just left it for 15-20 mins...

Hey,hey, i am ready ...topped with blueberry jam...

come eat me...hehe

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping Shopping and Shopping

This week is really a busy week...
All the coursework deadline clash together....>< Argggghhh...
Had been stay up late for few days... *note: I am the one who always sleep before 12am...
Finally some of the assignments, proposal and etc blah blah blah was submitted...

The best SOLUTION to release my tension or to reward myself is to go shopping....lol
Some of my friends might ask: Huh!! Release tension?You seem not tension at all, girl... haha
I just simply find a reason to shopping la...=.=

Actually my heart just bleeding after counted the money i had used... TT regret

Some of the stuffs that i bought... Just some, not all...lol

The false eyelashes**natural type, love this, not too over...lol
and then very cheap...haha

Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers 
Regret to have this  = =
The Some Kind-A Gorgeous just too thick for me...really a foundation faker...haha
Posietint, That Gal and High Beam just ok for me, not worth for that price...lol

Wet Tissue from SaSa,
Buy 1 Free 1 actually...hehe

The freebie for purchase of HL milk...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My First Experience in Seoul Korea Restaurant

October is the important month for me...
I call it the Anniversary month...
Our relationship was started on 6/10/2006, now already the 4th year...
When I just be together with him, I never thought we will last for so long...lol

For this year anniversary, we plan to have the korea cuisine, so I tried to google out and searching for it...
At last, we decide to go Seoul Korea Restaurant. It was nearer to us and the review from the blogger and also my friend is good....^^

Since the restaurant will be crowded at dinner hour, so we step out earlier around 530pm.hehe.
Luckily when we reach there, it still got place for us, no need to wait...^^

We order a Sam-Gyoub-Sal (the pork belly) and a rice cake( forget the name)...^^

Sam-Gyoub-Sal RM22

Charcoal, simply take the photo...haha

Here they grill the pork belly for us, what we have to do is just wait everything done...

Side dishes just too much for us...lol...around 16 side dishes...

the complement steam egg, this is nice...

Rice cake, Rm20
I will recommend this if you are going with 4-5 friends...
It's nice,but too many for just two of us...

Eat this with the lettuce...Nice Nice Nice...

The complement ginger tea, 
light ginger flavour and not so sweet...^^

The complement dessert: watermelon...
The So zai Look...haha

The so po look...lol

This is first experience of trying the traditional korea cuisine, its not bad at all...hehe, will come back for the second time...

food - 4/5
service - 5/5 (really good services)
price - 4/5 (not so pricey)**thumb up**
environment - 3/5 (for me, the aircond not enough cold, lol)

This is their address and the contact, recommended...^^

Restaurant Seoul Korea
No. 1-1 (1st floor), Plaza Danau 2,
Jalan 4/109F,
Taman Danau Desa, 58100 KL.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Intro Intro