Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping Shopping and Shopping

This week is really a busy week...
All the coursework deadline clash together....>< Argggghhh...
Had been stay up late for few days... *note: I am the one who always sleep before 12am...
Finally some of the assignments, proposal and etc blah blah blah was submitted...

The best SOLUTION to release my tension or to reward myself is to go
Some of my friends might ask: Huh!! Release tension?You seem not tension at all, girl... haha
I just simply find a reason to shopping la...=.=

Actually my heart just bleeding after counted the money i had used... TT regret

Some of the stuffs that i bought... Just some, not

The false eyelashes**natural type, love this, not too
and then very cheap...haha

Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers 
Regret to have this  = =
The Some Kind-A Gorgeous just too thick for me...really a foundation faker...haha
Posietint, That Gal and High Beam just ok for me, not worth for that

Wet Tissue from SaSa,
Buy 1 Free 1 actually...hehe

The freebie for purchase of HL milk...

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