Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mung bean soup: my favourite

No doubt, the weather nowadays is really HOT!!!
Mung bean soup: the best choice dessert throughout the Summer (365 days summer in M'sia lo =.=).
Last time when I was so free, I will always cook the mung bean& barley Tong Shui for the detoxification effect...
I usually cook that without putting any sugar, I think nobody will like it except meeeeee!!!! lol

However, I am so so so busy this few weeks...><
Who cares about the detoxification effect, I rather to have more time for my plant design project... =.='''

Finally, I feel so sick this few days...
My migraine attacked me again... No more pain killer, I want to avoid that if possible...haizzz
So it would be good to return to my old lifestyle; just like a 40 year-old lonely old lady lifestyle... =.=
Haiz... ><


Back to my mung bean soup today, :p
I cooked this specially for Mr LCY... as his supper i think...
Highly recommend to use palm sugar instead of the white sugar for this mung bean soup... Trust me... ^^
Someone claimed that palm sugar + coconut milk = heavenly, but coconut milk just not my cup of tea... lol
You can try to add the coconut milk if you like...@@

Dont you think the crystal clear sago is so beautiful...
I love sago all the time... lol

Time to say Good Night...
Will be away until this Thursday and I will be totally free... Hurray...


  1. cyndi, next time come sp la when you free... wana learn baking from you too...^^

  2. omg!! its been so long since ive had this! and i love ur '365 days summer in M'sia' line. haha! so true! im so tired of this climate already. i wish w had 4seasons here. sigh... ~_~

  3. xnosugaraddedx, the weather even worst throughout last few weeks...=.=

  4. i know.. ive been sick the whole week. tats just crazy. my name's Nikki by the way. :) thanks for following my blog. :))