Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vege Day

Today Special:  Vege Vege  ^^

I am totally a LAZY person. 
If nobody having dinner with me, I swear I wont open the gas stove to cook... **Cook with Gas stove so hot lo =.='''
The best dinner for me is SALAD...Today is my 'vege' day, no meat at all...hehe...
If you are the one who loves to have meat instead of vege, this dinner may looked disgusting to you...haha

Note: I dont eat salad with mayonnaise(super fat)...

Ta Da...Vege Dinner today...
**Oil free**
Coral+tomato+kiwi mixed with some salt and lemon juice
If you do not like the lemon juice as the salad base, you can replace it with yoghurt(of course my suggestion is original flavour).
**No Mayo Please** It's not healthy at all

A good VitaminC source
VitC can help to boost our immune system and also an antioxidant that protect our arteries from the damaging effect from free radical. That is why most people claim that VitC can whiten the skin. But for sure, we have to consume it for a long period to see the result.

**Kiwi**My favourite
Busting with Vitamin C as well
Good source Vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and etc.
Kiwi also rich in dietary fibre, it's good for our digestive system.

Eating Vege also has its unexpected advantages??? what's that???

A research showed that the greenhouse gases emitted by a person who consume meat will be much more higher that the one who consume only vegetable. The analysis shows that changes toward a more plant-based diet could help substantially in mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases.

Perhaps you wont believe the statement, but it really do...lol

So, Eating Green for our planet from now...^^

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  1. hi...today is my vege day too...for me n my wife every thursday...