Tuesday, October 26, 2010

**A nice giveaway from Jessying** come join...

Jessying: My birthday giveaway !: "It was my birthday last Thursday. I took leave from work to enjoy myself. I went to pamper myself with pedicure, manicure and a body massage..."

Here Jess will have a giveaway to all her blog follower...

I am glad that she finally posting her birthday giveaway since she is so busy throughout the weekends... 

This is the way how you can join the giveaway:

How to join ?
1) Be Jessying blog followers via google friend connect in order to join my giveaway.. ( you gotta follow her as public & not anonymous)
2) You gotta leave her a comment (together with your name & valid email which is the same your follower id) under this post and tell her which the blog entry that you like to read the most and the reason why? (+ 1 point)

3) If you are on facebook and share this giveaway - (+ 1 point ) ( Please add her and link it back to her at www.facebook.com/jessying)

4) If you are on twitter and share this giveaway - (+1 point) ( please provide the link to her at www.twitter.com/jessying)

3) If you are a blogger, and you blog about this - (+ 2 points) plus entitle to join to win the gorgeous eyeshadow palette

4) Add her in your blog blogroll (+2 points) - Kindly mentioned this in your entry

Just Join it...^^

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