Saturday, October 23, 2010

***My Cooking Day***

It had been so long since my last update....  I am So BUSY man!!!!
Arghhh, now is almost the last week for this semester, all of us have to rush for our design project...
I already busy for several weeks...
and 'Give Up' my online games or any flash games for a week...The worst is I gonna sleep around 3-4am everyday, So Suffering... ><
and This is the first time I feel I am so hardworking... lol...

I want to give myself a break today, so I use all my free time to cook, bake and play

After posting this,  gonna continue my 'SHIT' work again... =.=

Today dinner:
Just make it as simple as

Soup of the day: 
lotus root+peanut+ribs

My signature
stir fried cabbage, 
everyone know how to cook this, so easy... =.=

Tofu with mushroom and dried scrimp

Today Cake: Chiffon cake
**second failure** I can feel disappointment... ><

I had made some small chiffons with the extra cake mixture, 
Honestly, this is much more nicer than the previous chocolate cupcakes... Maybe this is due to the effects of milk and vegetable oil... I like this...^^

All with the Weird Weird look...
I really have no idea why they look like

It look like an old alien with all many fine
Should I apply some anti-aging product for her... @@

Here It is, the fail Chiffon... TT

Actually it raised very well at the beginning, this is all my fault...TT
I think I should not simply reduce the oven temperature when I saw the chiffon was almost done... =.=
This is called pandai pandai sendiri... ><
Suddently the chiffon SUNK... @@

The texture of middle part of the chiffon just like not raising...haizzzzzzzzzz....
It still taste nice, but it really look bad...
My first chiffon : I give myself 40%, just the taste ok only... TT

Luckily I still have some alien cupcakes...

The night is still young... 


  1. 那个蛋糕里面黄黄的是什么?

  2. 我也不好意思说。哈哈。