Saturday, December 4, 2010

Banana Muffin

I had came back my lovely hometown yesterday and I received a bad new that make me regret to go home. The Streamyx server in my house was totally "DOWN". I really can't live without internet, I tried to call TMNet for so many times and they always give the same respond all the time. Actually, they had explained the problem to me politely but always end the conversation with the same sentence, "We will contact you when the server is recover", which is not the answer I desired... =.= Luckily, they manage to recover the server this afternoon, if not I think I will keep calling TMnet and keep pressurize them... Argghhhh...><

Everytime I go back hometown, I sure will make some cakes or biscuit for my family, I had made them the banana muffins this time which is a new try for me. Not bad, the banana muffins taste good, everyone satisfy of it. lol

Added some chocolate chip on it, not a good idea... lol
too sweet for me... ><

Banana Muffin (Recipe from Moon)

Banana            180g
Caster Sugar    180g(too sweet, ==)
Egg                    2
Milk                 60g
Vegetable oil  45g

Self Raising Flour 180g
Soda Bicarbonate  5g

**Sift (B)

Some Walnut flakes (I replace it with chocolate chips)

1) Mash the banana, add in (A) and mix well.
2) Fold in (B), combine well.
3) Pour cake mixture into the cups.
4) Bake at preheated 180 C oven for 20 minutes. Leave cold.

Happy Baking!!!


  1. yummm yumm!!
    i never try before banana muffin though..n my microwave oven broke down d...sobs sobs.
    whr u buy ur oven ya?

  2. the oven belong 2 d sp hse