Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love Package from O'slee

Yes, I received a love package from O'slee.
The package was really surprising me. I had email O'slee and requested for sample last week. In the email, she mentioned that she will send me their hero products and I did not expected that there were more that one types of samples. Wow. I was really happy that they post me the sample so fast. Thanks O'slee. **Thumb up Thumb up**

**All the samples received**

(a) Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III
I had read many good reviews of this product from other blogger, really can't wait to try it.

7 Enhanced skin care benefits:
Extra Moisturizing 
Extra Whitening
UV- Oxi Protection
Pore-Refining & Black Head Reducing
Enhance Absorption Ability

(b) Rosehip Whithening Mask
With Rosehip Extracts and Papain, Whitens your skin, eliminates imperfections sooner than ever. Rosehip Whitening Mask also eliminates all freckles and blemishes at ultra speed. It provides rich moisture to skin and give crystalline, porcelain-like complexion than ever.

(c) Rosehip Peeling Gel
Deep Cleansing, Decompose Cuticles and blackheads with Micro-Seaweed Peeling Element, it decomposes extra grease and dead skin cells. Cleanse skin deeply. Skin becomes translucent white and with even skin tone for continuous use. 

Refine Pores :
Grape-Glycerl Cleaning Factor penetrates into pores and dissolves blackhead within 1 minute and refine pores quickly.

(d) HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF26 PA++
I will just use BB cream to replace the foundation when I have mood to make up. I am not the one who can't live without make up. lol

Of Course, reviews are coming soon. 
Btw, kindly check O'slee product range HERE if you are interested. 
Finally can sleep early tonight.


  1. oik? hw to get? me also wana try!
    nowadays always slp late..i need some hydrating masks...=.=

    email to whr ah?

  2. email to

    while stock last... good luck.

  3. jus email them said u wana try their products?

  4. Yup, I just emailed to request for the sample. You can add their fb group as well... ^^

  5. added d lo~ hehe. i try my luck lah!

  6. why I just got 3 samples only?:(

  7. chiak: maybe they are out of stock already... ^^