Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Only Beauty - Understanding.Sampling.Sharing

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OnlyBeauty is a website where we can request for selected samples to try and review it as we like...

I discovered the website since May 2010 and I started to request for the samples when I free, usually I don't review the product since I have no more free time for that, just simply want to try something new without spending any extra money... hehe... With just a click of a button and enter your details and all that (of course after registering to become a member) you can choose samples to try! why not? For me, it is just very convenient to try the product without stepping out from my house... On top of that, OnlyBeauty also gives out prizes for their members to win almost everyday!  

Beauty Q&A on every Tuesday and Thursday

Find the Cinderella's missing shoe on every Wednesday

The samples I had grab for last week...
1) LOREAL HYDRAFRESH ANTI-SHINE - Thanks OnlyBeauty...lol
2) BIOESSENCE TRI-ACTION AQUA BOOST 10g - a sleeping mask sample from bioessence
3) TOXOUT - a healthy fiber drink, from a sampling website as well... 

Back to OnlyBeauty, there is a NOV'10 referral program for this November. You can now share with your friends and win the rewards. The timeline is from 1st Nov 2010 to 31st Nov 2010... Join now and start to get the free samples to try and have a chance to win the rewards for the referral program... Don't miss the chance... lol

The Prize to give out... it's not a sample, it's the full size product...


  1. woah..i wana learn from u d o!
    how do i do use this website? teach me!

  2. you already sigh up right? just simply log in frequently and comment in their forum to get more points for the sample application. Then, you can apply for the sample in the 'get sample' section... they will email you while your application is succeed... ^^