Tuesday, November 16, 2010

End of Plant Design Project + Soba Noodle Soup

I believe today is the best day for me because it's the time say goodbye to PLANT DESIGN!!! Yeah!!!

Bye Bye my Baby... Bye Bye...lol

PLANT DESIGN, the project that really torture me. It's not only physically torturing me but mentally torturing me as well >< . I still remember I had sacrificed my sleeping time for entire week for the second draft submission last time. I swear I am not a person who care about result, as long as I can pass then it will be ok for me, but for this terrible plant design,  I keep my hardwork for the first time. I had rush the second draft like hell. Finally, I can say byebye to this plant design after the my last presentation today. Actually, I started to become nervous yesterday when I read the facebook status of my coursemate who had present it yesterday. Really can't imagine what will happen when I gonna present my design in front 6 examiners and shoot by all of them. I think I will die even I wear a bulletproof vest, even their saliva also can make me fainted. lol.

However, I am really lucky today. There are just 2 examiners who examined me, what a lucky day. At least I didn't examined by the 'strict' lecturer. Not to say my examiners are not 'strict' enough, but for me they are more friendly and I will not easily to turn nervous when I deal with them. Anyway, the plant design is over now, that's mean my holiday start now. Wohoo!!!

I am free now, so what to do next? There is nothing in my mind, I already watched movie for more than 5 hours before I wrote this. lol

Since I am so boring, sure I will play 'masak masak' in my kitchen. Just try a new recipe today. lol

I had bought this long time ago, but every time lazy to cook.

Still having some kezurikatsuo (shaved bonito) and dashi kombu sauce, 
I think I know what I can have for my dinner. ^^

Ta da...Today Special: Soba Noodle Soup
Just adding some tofu, enoki and egg then it's done.
I think I should buy some seaweed flakes next time to put on it for a better decoration. lol

It's time to say goodnight again... 
Tomorrow will be another great day... ^^


  1. Looks like a delicious bowl of soba:D

  2. looks nice :) btw thanks for joining the clean & clear contest! u won the cutie set :)