Thursday, November 4, 2010

UNIQLO Opening: Finally I gt what I want...

Today, 4th November 2010, the official shop opening of UNIQLO, the Japan’s No.1 fashion brand and worldwide leader in casual wear. For their first opening in Malaysia, there are some opening special that I think is really worth the price. The opening news spread freaking fast, everybody seem to be like poisoned by the word UNIQLO. All people was discussing about it, no matter where. Frankly, I can't wait to attend the opening too, but there was no friend going with me at the beginning, think don't want to go d. =.= However, I still going there this afternoon with the 'crazy of promotion' friends, and of course back with satisfaction. Pity my

Apart from that, I just can say, Malaysians can be pretty exaggerate when it comes to shopping.
Just knew that there were some people who queued from yesterday night, wow!!!
I swear I will never be one of them. My age is already not suitable to do such extraordinary stuff... lol.

It took us approximately 20mins to queue until this lane; 
Gosh!!!It's already 4pm, it was still flooding with people!!! 
Luckily we didn't go there in this morning, sure will take more time to wait. 
It was the best decision we had ever made. lol
After queued for around 35mins, we finally got into the UNIQLO!!! Yeah...

It's still the word 'Waiting'... That's just too crowded...
What do you think we are waiting for???
Definitely, the fitting room... 
It's impossible to buy the Jeans without trying it... TT

 I really love their UJ Jeans Collection especially the skinny fit...
Gonna try it so that no regret after I bought... haha...

My UJ Jean... 
Finally I got it... UNIQLO had offered an introductory price for UJ Jeans at just RM49.90... It's amazing!!! 
I bought a same Jean for my sister as well, she just so excited to tumpang me to buy for her... =.=

I grabbed a Inner Collection for women as well...
By using the UNIQLO to go RM20 voucher, it worth to buy this at just RM19.90...

The promotion is still on-going, kindly check the information from UNIQLO Malaysia official websites...
**Happy Shopping**


  1. lol... you went yesterday? or today?

  2. sobs sobs...I WANTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! d stocks a lot ah? after exam still got stocks o?

  3. I think still got stocks lo... the promotion for jeans is until 2Dec... Wai Ling also said wana go, dunno she adi go ont...haha

  4. i wan the jeans lo...wht else they have thr? i heard got leggings? the rm 20 coupon can use on discounted items?

  5. 20 coupon cannot use on discounted items lo, leggings got ar, but no discount, a bit pricey. erm, their fleece also very nice,same price with jeans, pete and ryan bought as

  6. fleece still got discount? i heard some of them said after the 1st promo day no discount d wor..

  7. har?? ya meh?? their official website gt state the promo date leh... i think fleece is selling faster than the others, coz their fleece really